Jonathan Mangos

Jonathan Mangos, our lead builder & inspector, started maintenance work back in 2005 working for multiple property managers looking after their rental property portfolios.

His passion for building led him to unit and house renovations and improvements, specialising in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, pergolas, additions and so much more.  He has ‘flipped’ many properties leading to premium sale prices.

With over a decade in the building trade and a great eye for detail, he has seen it all so he knows exactly what to look out for and how to recognise the early warning signs of trouble. 

Passionate about building, he aims to prevent anyone who is buying a house from unknowingly taking on a problem home and suffering the heartache and financial stress associated with finding a major structural issue and termite damage.

Jonathon also has first-hand experience with the consequences and dangers of meth contamination with a family member being a recovering addict.  As such he is absolutely passionate about informing people of the risks of buying a meth contaminated home and preventing the frustration, heartache and financial stress that people go through after discovering their home may be the cause of their health issues.  He doesn't want you to become an innocent victim of someone else’s drug use.

Here at Hazard & Building Inspect our aim is to give you peace of mind.