The Experts

in Meth Testing & Screening

The friendly and experienced team at Hazard and Building Inspections Adelaide are certified Meth testers and have all the kit and equipment to determine if there is any meth residue present in a home and what the extent of the problem is.


Meth Test

This is the first line of investigation where a series of swabs are taken from each room in the house to determine if there is any meth contamination present.  The test is instant so you will get a conclusive yes/no result for meth contamination.  These tests are provided for as little as $50 when combined with a building inspection and are recommended to give you peace of mind when purchasing a new home.

Meth Screening

Lab Test

If a positive result is obtained on the instant screening test, the next step is to identify how severe the contamination is.   Any test that produces a meth residue reading of above 0.5mg per 100 cm2 is of concern, levels above this will mean the house is deemed as unsafe.  Meth screening lab tests are used to help determine the level of contamination in the home.  Swabs and samples are taken from up to 10 rooms in the house and then sent to a laboratory for some in depth testing.  The testing identifies different contamination risk profiles, and these are used to create a report determining what the average level of contamination in the home is along with a recommended action plan. Lab analysis and reporting usually takes 72 hours.


Meth Testing

This is the most in-depth type of meth testing and takes swabs and samples from every room in the house which are then sent off for in-depth analysis.  Each swab is analysed in detail to create a comprehensive report specifying the contamination level of each room. Lab analysis and reporting usually takes 72 hours.

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